Cryotherapy and NormaTec Pricing

Whole Body Cryotherapy Session

Single Sessions: (Includes 15 min NormaTec)
Service Price
Single Session Introductory Rate $20
Single Session $25
Single Session student rate (Must show valid student ID) $20
3 Pack $59
8 Pack $150
12 Pack $225
Unlimited Week $75
Unlimited Month (without a contract) $225
Add 15 min NormaTec for $5

Monthly Multi-Use Membership Examples for Cryotherapy

(15 min NormaTec included)
Service Price
8 Pack with Silver Member $125/month*
12 Pack with Gold Member $175/month*
Unlimited** Cryo/month w/ Gold Member $175/month*
(Sessions in a pack do not expire, until used, even in a membership)

NormaTec and/or LED Therapy Prices

Service Price
15 min - Regular Rate $10
30 min- Regular Rate $15
8 Pack $75

Examples of NormaTec Prices with Multi-Use Memberships

Service Price
8 Pack NormaTec or LED with Bronze $65/month*
Unlimited NormaTec or LED with Bronze $65/month
Sessions in a Packages do not expire until used, even in a Membership
*See membership section for membership perks and rules.
**Unlimited Cryotherapy is for One Session Per Day, and cannot be shared with family use.