V0-Digestion, Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation and Digestion Issues

Did you know that most of the inflammation in your body comes from your tummy?
Did you also know that inflammation triggers Pain?
So, if you reduce inflammation – You Reduce Your Pain Problems!
It doesn’t matter if the inflammation comes from the pounding of a good hard workout to arthritic joints, sprains/strains, bursitis, or tendonitis – it’s Inflammation!
The Problem is that an irritated and inflamed digestive system only adds to all the inflammation your body is dealing with and the associated pain it is providing.
Bloating, gas, indigestion, heartburn, reflux or any other irritable bowel problems are major contributors to your not-so-obvious inflammation and pain problem.
Did you know that your body helps controls inflammation by producing cortisol? But if your adrenal glands are over-worked and having to make more cortisol for all the stress in your life, your adrenals may not be doing as good of a job as it needs to be, which is why you are not able to control your pain more naturally.
The 2 best things you can do for your pain and inflammation problem is…

1. Fix your digestive system and get rid of all your digestive issues. This will reduce the amount of inflammation in your body and help your body deal with the inflammation associated causing aches and pains.

2. Increase your intake of omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFA), which are your bodies natural anti-inflammatory. The simple fact is that saturated fats promote inflammation and unsaturated fats promote anti-inflammation.

The key thing to remember about your digestive system, is that the food you consume to fuel your body is supposed to nourish and strengthen your body!
But if you regularly struggle with digestive issues – how do you expect to nourish and strengthen your body?
The continual irritation and inflammation of your gut doesn’t allow your body to efficiently digest, assimilate and absorb the nutrients you ate and paid for.
Almost every health issue could be traced back to your tummy
Poor Elimination (detoxification) allows those unwanted toxins to stay in your body longer than they are supposed to, which pollutes and poisons you from the inside.
Overcoming any health issue begins by first ensuring that the nutrients you are giving your body are being properly utilized and not contributing to your health problem.
Some of the simple steps to help fix your tummy could be simply taking the time to Sit, Eat and Relax.
Just because you ate it doesn’t mean your body absorbed it! Your body has to break those food compounds down and assimilate them for absorption. If you are eating on the go, in a hurry, on the run…you are not letting your body do it’s job, which could be the simple fix to your problem.
However, if your digestive problems have been going on for a while and you haven’t addressed it properly, you may need to…
- Supplement your diet with enzymes and probiotics
- Temporarily eliminate certain foods that you have created a sensitivity too
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