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Have your fitness results plateaued?
Is your workout the right one for you?
The four primary reasons people exercise are to…
- Look Better
- Feel Better
- Sleep Better
- Have Better Sex
Exercise can be a double-edge sword, because it is a form of stress.
The more intense the workout the more stress you place on your body.
The question is, can your body handle the additional STRESS? Or does it over-load your adrenal glands, which can affect your metabolism, hormones, mood, energy level, and so much more.
The Problem for most people who exercise and hit a plateau is usually a result of preforming the wrong workout for the current level of health and fitness.
If your body is already too stressed (adrenal glands are being overworked) and can’t handle the additional physical stress? How do you get your body to Rebuild and Repair?
Exercise is when you tear the body down, it’s that catabolic breakdown phase of our day. It’s when you spike your cortisol and adrenaline levels from a tough physical workout.
The more intense the workout – the more testosterone (TT) and growth hormone (GH) you produce, which are 2 hormones that help you burn fat and add lean muscle.
- Walking is exercise, and will spike your TT and GH – but it is not very intense.
- Jogging is more intense than walking and will cause a larger spike of TT and GH.
- Running and sprinting are more intense and triggers a bigger surge of TT and GH.
- The same rules of intensity applies to weight training and high intensity interval training – the more intense it is the greater surge of those important hormones.
o Just because you go to the gym, doesn’t mean you pushed your body to an intensity that will spike your TT and GH.
The biggest gains from your workouts come from the other 23/7 hours of the day when you’re not working out that activates your Anabolic Rebuild Repair phase. This is when the results you hope to see in the mirror happen.
- The secret to driving that positive anabolic rebuild repair phase begins by turning off the catabolic phase, because they don’t work at the same time.
- Simply ending your workout doesn’t automatically turn off the catabolic phase.
o If you finish your workout and quickly wolf-down a protein shake, bar or meal and hustle out the door, race down the road in that go-go lifestyle you created for yourself, there is a pretty good chance you are still in that catabolic breakdown phase….which delays the start of that Rebuild phase you are after.
Physical exercise is a stress on your body, and causes your body to produce more cortisol and adrenaline. If your body is exhausted and you’re having to make more cortisol and adrenaline, due to all the stress in your day, you may deplete your body’s ability to make TT and GH.
Low TT for both men and women is either a Production problem and or a Conversion problem.
A production problem is usually associated with too much Stress, whereas a conversion problem is a result of they are converting more of their TT into estrogen, which is common and bad for both men and women, and a direct result with the inability to lose weight or add lean muscle, as well as, lack of libido, estrogen dominance (can you say man boobs?) depression, etc.
Daily exercise is important for both physical and mental health, but if you’re not getting the results you are hoping to achieve for all your hard work, you need to make sure you are not making any of these common mistakes
- Is your aerobic workout too fast for what you are conditioned for?
- Does your aerobic workout trigger Anaerobic Metabolism, instead of aerobic metabolism?
- Can your body handle the additional physical stress?
- Are you absorbing all that protein you are eating?
- Is your workout intense enough to activate TT and GH?
If you hit a sticking point or plateau you might want to get a Second Opinion to make sure you are not making any of the common mistakes that are made all too often. Exercise is truly your fountain of youth, because as you age, you lose about a half-pound of lean muscle a year. In a decade you will lose 5 pounds of lean muscle and completely change your body composition. How many people can say, I still fit in the same jeans and am the same weight I was 10 years ago, but my backside isn’t as firm as it used to be? The only thing that stops that muscle loss is EXERCISE and the production of TT and GH. But not just any form of exercise. Walking and aerobic exercise doesn’t trigger enough of a TT and GH surge to really stop it.
So, if you want to keep looking and feeling young, make sure you add enough Intense exercise to your fitness training. More importantly make sure your body can handle the additional stress.
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