D. Andaverde, Dallas

S. Baugh, Irving
March 6, 2018
S. Laekuer, Garland
March 6, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

I invited Dr. Len Lopez to present a seminar at a health fair hosted by Women In Cable & Telecommunications in October of last year at the Tom Landry Center located in Baylor Hospital. Dr. Lopez, DC CCN, shared his expertise as to how stress affects the body and the different forms that stress can take. He also discussed nutrition, exercise, and gave tips on how individuals can lead a healthier life.

We learned about the nutrients our body needs and the process in which the body goes through in order to digest the foods we eat. According to Dr. Lopez, knowing how our body functions, helps us to evaluate our eating habits and make healthier choices.

Throughout the seminar we learned about different types of stress and the everyday things we do which may cause stress. Dr. Lopez explained that even simple tasks such as getting out of bed or just standing on our feet can cause us stress. Other more serious ways in which we can cause the body stress are as simple as sitting in front of a computer all day or talking business on our cellular phones. Dr. Lopez’ seminar puts things in perspective by showing you how simple it is to take control of our lives so that we can live healthier and longer.

Dr. Lopez presented the topic in a clear, concise manner, which was also humorous and entertaining. I highly recommend this information to anyone who has a desire to become healthier, lose weight or to maintain a healthy, energetic lifestyle.

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