Leal, Dallas

J. Johnson from Dallas
March 8, 2018
Skuns, Dallas
March 13, 2018

Once upon a time, that sounds weird, but this is the only way I can begin these note.3 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I have never felt so scared in my life. I was given the news on March 1 1996 and I had surgery on March 15,1996. I thought I did good, what I did not know was that the cancer therapy that I would be on for the next 24 months would change my life more so than the disease itself. You may believe what you like, but only when you have walked in my shoes can you truly understand and empathize with me. The changes in my body were slow, but painful. The change in fingernail color, the constants fatigue the crying. By the end of my first year I was so sick of feeling sick, I prayed I would be okay when all was done. I had to energy and I was always a busy lady, active and happy. The medication left me exhausted all the time and I hurt all over. I did not have the energy for much, but I did push myself I would not let the cancer therapy take full control, otherwise I knew that I would lose the battle.

So, about a month ago I hurt my back at work, I am sure that my lack of exercise due to the cancer therapy created the problem along with the weight gain and so on. So, I was given the name of Doctor Lopez and was told he would help me and not use any drugs. What could I possibly lose from going to him? Well what I did no know was that he would change my life, from the moment I started seeing him I began to feel better. We got me back on my feet, with exercise his treatments and no drugs. God that felt so good so then we began to heal me further we started on the inside, we began by putting me on a diet and I did not consider it a diet, I thought of it as a step towards saving myself. I am very disciplined, and I followed his directions to the letter. I can tell you that within three days I began to feel the difference. I feel less bloated, I slept better, and I had more energy. You see I have been off the cancer therapy for 1 year and I knew it would take up to 2 years for the residue of the drugs to leave my body, so I can be patient, but this was a big change. I have actually been taking Advil four to six times a day for the pain in my knees, but since I have began with Dr. Lopez it has stopped. He let me know what was causing my problems and with his help I will be able to regain what I have lost within the last three years. I know that it will take time for me to be back to feeling good, but trust me since I began with Doctor Lopez I know that this will be a permanent change and I consider this a life long commitment, and it is truly not difficult. If I can do it, so can you. I would like to thank Doctor Lopez and thank God for giving him to become a specialist in his field.


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