Loyalty Programs & Other Important Information


Bronze $65 / Month


Loyalty priced services

1 FREE Loyalty Price Voucher for Friends / Family

10 % Off Retail

Eligible For Loyalty Promotions


Silver $125 / Month


Loyalty priced services

Share with a Friend or a Family Member

2 FREE Loyalty Priced Voucher for Friends / Family

2 – 1/2 Priced Enhancement Voucher for Friends / Family

10 % Off Retail

Eligible For Loyalty Promotions


Gold $175 / Month


Share with up to 4 Friends or with Family Members

3 FREE Loyalty Price Vouchers for Friends / Family

4- 1/2 Priced Enhancement Voucher for Friends / Family

10% OFF additional  Loyalty Priced Services after $175 spent

10% OFF Retail

Eligible for Loyalty Promotions

Important Information:

     Unused money on your account will not expire. The next month’s account payment will be added to your previous balance. Even if you cancel your membership, the account balance will continue to rollover. See below for Details. Gratuity Cash or Credit Card is the preferred tip method.
     Cash or Credit Card is the preferred tip method.
     You are eligible to receive 10% off retail products with no other combined offer while being an active member. Front desk associates can clarify and provide more information on which retail products are eligible. Massage Bliss & Cryo reserves the right to change which products are eligible for purchase with membership credit or discount.
Friends and Family
     For the Silver and Gold Members, you are eligible to share your membership and membership benefits with a friend or a direct family member. Only one credit card will be charged. You are responsible for any charges that your designated friend or family member spends from your account.
   Massage Bliss & Cryo is not responsible for any charges that the designated friend or family member spends and will not refund any money spent by anyone designated as a friend or family. Your membership can be terminated if anyone on your plan has broken membership or spa rules. Only one friend can be added to your account. Only your kids or parents can be used on a family plan. Unlimited Cryotherapy, can only be used by one person.
     A membership may not be frozen for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three months within a year period. The three months do not have to be consecutive. In the event of additional freezes, a freeze fee may apply. A membership must be unfrozen a minimum of 30 days before it can be frozen again.
     Members and any other person associated with the membership, if applicable, can continue to redeem accumulated money on their Massage Bliss & Cryo account during a freeze but cannot utilize any other additional membership benefits (I.e. member prices, offers and retail discounts). Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.
     Memberships can be started and canceled free of charge once per calendar year. In the event of multiple cancellations, Massage Bliss & Cryo reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee which will, equal to half the price of the membership.
     Upon termination of your month to month membership, the unspent account balance in your account will not expire, but there will be no membership benefits to be applied.
**Massage Bliss & Cryo has the right to cancel or suspend your membership at any time and for any reason, if necessary. A call or e-mail will be sent out to you if this ever becomes the case** .
     Massage Bliss & Cryo will cancel or freeze your membership over the phone or in person. Massage Bliss & Cryo will do our best to not make mistakes or misunderstand anything. However, in the event of a dispute over when or if a membership was canceled, Massage Bliss & Cryo will not be responsible for any alleged mistakes unless a dated, handwritten or emailed letter is used. The handwritten letter must be signed by both parties.
     If emailed, email must be to info@massageblissandcryo.com The email must be from the email address on your client profile and Massage Bliss & Cryo will respond to the email once the membership was canceled. Please call us if we do not respond to your email.
     Following the initial term of your membership, Massage Bliss & Cryo will give you a written notice via email or text message of any increase or changes in the monthly payment of your membership.
     Massage Bliss & Cryo reserves the right to change the price of services or products at any time without notification.
     There will not be refunds unless there is a Massage Bliss & Cryo error.
     You must be in good standing with Massage Bliss & Cryo to purchase a membership. Massage Bliss & Cryo reserves the right to refuse the purchase of any membership for any reason applicable to the law. All spa rules must be followed while you are at the spa. See our web page for the Spa Rules. You must read and sign the liability waivers before receiving any Bliss Services.
     If at any point, you have questions or concerns about your membership package, please give us a call at 214-425-5477 or email us at info@massageblissandcryo.com. We would be happy to help!
     As a member of Massage Bliss & Cryo, you will receive loyalty points based on the full price of services.
     A referral is the best compliment you could give us. To show our appreciation, when you introduce a new member to Massage Bliss & Cryo, you will receive $15 in Rewards Dollars. See the Massage Bliss & Cryo web page for more details.
     To show our appreciation to our loyal guests, we offer loyalty points for each dollar spent.
     The loyalty points will be redeemed for Reward Dollars. Once you have $30 Reward Dollars, they can be used on any Bliss services, and most Bliss Products.
Don’t forget to benefit from your referrals.
     Don’t forget to benefit from your referrals. If the guest spends more than $25 in services you will be eligible for Reward Dollars. The guest should ask the reception team to add you as the person that referred them. After we put it in the system you will get $15 reward dollars that can be spent on any service and most Products we sell once you have accumulated a total of $30 reward dollars.
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