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About Massage Bliss & Cryo

Massages have been used to help people enter a relaxed and overall blissful state for centuries. Our spa operates so that you can stay in that state, for as long as possible.

Massage Bliss & Cryo is where the service and style of Southeast Asia meet with the wellness techniques and treatments of the West. Specifically, we are committed to providing you with first-class spa experiences that make you feel more relaxed.

Everyone is different, which is why we make sure to go above and beyond to listen to you and purposefully craft each experience to your specific needs. From greeting you with a cup of ginger tea, coffee, or wine of your choice. To help you relax with a soothing neck warmer. We want you feeling blissfully comfortable and relaxed in our friendly spa environment.

We also focus on having the overall experience being affordable, while still maintaining those high-quality expectations. You should be completely free of worries during your stay, and that includes expenses. Massage Bliss & Cryo strives to be a state-of-the-art Therapy Center, while still keeping affordable and competitive prices.

Our staff is constantly expanding their knowledge base to stay on top of the latest concerning wellness. We focus on helping you get the results you are looking for. Also, the entire team can offer both classic and contemporary treatments for both men and women.


Meet Our Team

Massage Biss- Sasa

Sasa Fleitman, Esthetician & LMT

   Sasa has been working at Massage Bliss & Cryo since it opened two years ago. She has been practicing massage therapy and has a history of spa management for over 15 years. She is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician in both Thailand and the United States and has a special focus in both Thai massages and Swedish massages. The most meaningful part of Sa’s career is that she can help the people she meets go from being stressed and tired when they walk in, feeling relaxed and rested by the time they walk out.


Piya Akers, LMT

 Piyarat has been working at Massage Bliss & Cryo since they opened and has worked at multiple different locations over her career. She specializes in a wide variety of massages including shiatsu, trigger-point, and lymphatic massages and she is currently studying medical massages. Piyarat loves how she can help others work through their stress and feel better during a massage and enjoys how relaxing massages are for both her and her clients.


Laila Keelalak, LMT

 Laila studied at Ke Kino Massage Therapy and has experience working at other massage therapy practices. She has worked at Massage Bliss & Cryo for over a year and, like our other massage therapists, specializes in multiple types of massages including Prenatal and Thai massages. She is also currently studying medical massages. Laila enjoys how she can help others with managing their aches and pains.


Vanessa Mateer, Esthetician

Vanessa has been working for over 30 years in the beauty industry. She has extensive post-graduate education and an esthetician license. She loves the continuous learning environment of the skincare industry that allows her to stay informed and up to date on all the current technology and ingredients in skincare that she can share with her clients.

Dr. Len Lopez

Dr. Len Lopez, Health & Fitness Coach

 Dr. Lopez has been working at Massage Bliss & Cryo for a year and has been working as a fitness coach for over 20 years. He received his doctorate at Parker University and is also a Chiropractor Sports Physician, entrepreneur, and an established author. Dr. Len can assist his patients with many things including, providing a second opinion on their health and fitness or addressing their aches and pains. Overall, he enjoys being able to help people get the results they are looking for.


Mike Wu, LMT

Mike Wu studied at Healing Hands Massage Institute in Richardson and has been in the industry for over 4 years. He wanted to pursue being a massage therapist because he wanted to help people relieve stress and release tension. Making them feel better is the number one goal for him. Mike’s specialty is deep tissue massage incorporating trigger points, and he likes to add stretching upon request.  The typical massage is a Swedish deep tissue mix and he likes making his clients laugh.


Lucy Ortiz, LMT

     Lucy is an experienced, caring, and effective massage therapist. She has provided exceptional massage therapy for over 20 years. Lucy received her training at multiple different health training centers and schools. Lucy has applied her excellent skills not only at spas and salons but also 12 years in chiropractic medicine settings. Her areas of specialty include the following: myofascial manipulation, chair massage, deep massage, stone massage, sciatica manipulation, and prenatal massage.

Massage Bliss- Abby

Abby Salas, Coordinator


     Abby has been working at Massage Bliss & Cryo since it opened two years ago. She also has a professional background as working as a Spa Coordinator of four years since she graduated locally from Collin College. During her day-to-day operations, she enjoys having the ability to help customers who are in pain and assisting them in the healing process. She also enjoys setting up visits and developing personal relationships with everyone who visits the spa.

The Flietmans, Owners

    Jon Fleitman and his wife, Sasa Fleitman, opened Massage Bliss & Cryo two years ago. They had the idea to blend their cultures to be able to give their customers the five-star service and styles of Southeast Asia with small-town Texas hospitality. So that all of their guests can feel comfortable in style.

Staff Family


We hope you enjoy your visit,

The Massage Bliss & Cryo Family


No person will be denied admission based upon race, religion or appearance.

Guests must follow spa rules and regulations. Massage Bliss & Cryo reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services for any reason.

Massage Bliss & Cryo reserves the right to modify/change spa rules, regulations, services and pricing with reasonable notice.

Your spa treatments are reserved especially for you. We value your business and ask that you respect the spa’s scheduling policies. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a fee equivalent to 50% of the cost of the scheduled service.

Clients who miss their appointments or give less than a 2 hours notice before the beginning of their session, will be charged an amount equal to 75% of the price of a service.

Please call if your going to be late. We will try and get you into your appointment even if your late. However, we will not let your lateness affect other customers or therapist schedules.

If you do not call before your appointment, and if you have not shown up for your appointment after 10 min of your appointment starting time, it could be considered a No Show and charged 75% of your appointment cost.

If you call before your appointment to tell us you will be late, and if you are later than 30 min of your appointment ending time, We will allow you to finish the remaining time of your appointment, if reasonable for the service. You will be charged the full amount of the service.

Please check before leaving the spa that you are leaving with all of the possessions you came in with. Massage Bliss & Cryo is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Age requirements for receiving spa services vary by state and local law and Massage Bliss & Cryo strictly complies with such laws. In the event there is not a specific regulation in your area, our policy is as follows:

No one under the age of 18 will be able to receive any service without the express written consent of their parent or guardian.

For children 15-and-under (or where required by state law), a parent or guardian MUST remain in the treatment room and for all minor children the parent must remain on premises during services.

Must be over the age of 12 to receive most services including Teen facials, Cryotherapy, Body Wraps, etc…

Children under 12 can receive light Swedish Massages, Nutrition Consultation, and Chiropractic care with the certified staff.

A general waiver of liability and a Consultation form where applicable must be signed by anyone receiving services at the spa. Please show up 15 minutes before you appointment to fill out the required paperwork.

Welcome to Massage Bliss and Cryo! We’re so glad that you have taken the time to find out more about us. We offer a Healthy Lifestyle Program for those who take advantage of monthly massage therapy. We welcome everyone to use our services, members or not.


You will be greeted in the lobby and checked in by one of our team members. Next, you will be offered a cup of coffee, water, or ginger tea and escorted to the Bliss Haven room.


A team member will offer you a warm neck wrap and escort you to the Bliss Haven Room. Where you can relax for a moment before meeting your licensed massage therapist. Soft, tranquil music and the scent of essential oils will soothe you while your therapist shows you to your private treatment room.


Next, you will be consulted by your therapist about any specific areas to focus on and discuss any health problems that may need attention. Because no two clients are alike, your session will be completely customized.


After your consultation, the therapist will exit the room to give you a few minutes to get changed and under the sheets. We respect your modesty and ask that you undress to your comfort level.


When your massage begins, your therapist will check in to make sure that the amount of pressure is just right, and that you are comfortable. Just let your mind and body be completely relaxed to get the full benefit of the massage. Many people fall asleep on the table. Whatever you do, soak it in and enjoy!


After your session is complete, you will get dressed in private. Once you are dressed, your therapist will provide you a signature ginger tea or a hydrating glass of water. They may make a home care recommendation before you leave. Before you leave, a team member will share with you the membership options and help you reserve your next appointment.

A body wrap begins with exfoliation, such as a salt scrub. Then, you lie down on the plastic you will be wrapped.

Our team incorporates massage techniques as they apply the product. Once the product is on, you’re wrapped to stay warm for 30 minutes. Oftentimes the therapist leaves the room and checks in on you often. However, you can enhance your experience with a scalp massage or facial.

When the time is up, you’re unwrapped and the body mask has to come off. The therapist will then clean you off with hot, damp towels before they dry you off.

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