Dr. Len

Dr. Len Lopez- Health & Fitness Coach

     Dr. Len Lopez is our health and fitness coach. His background and training as a Clinical Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Chiropractic Sports Physician give him the expertise to help address your health and fitness goals from a more natural, holistic approach.
     Dr. Lopez is a great person to see if you need a second opinion on your health and fitness or need someone to address your aches and pains. Dr. Len is the author of "To Burn or Not to Burn - Fat is the Question" and "The 10 Biggest Workout Mistakes". Additionally, he is the creator of My Portable Pullup Bar.
     His approach to health and healing is simple, treat the cause, not the symptoms. And believes, "Your health is like a chain, in that a chain is as strong as its weakest link... and your body is only as healthy as its weakest functioning system". Dr. Len provides a second opinion and health and fitness assessments to help you get the most out of your time, energy, and efforts.

If you are tired of being sick and tired, and are looking for a natural approach to your health concerns, make an appointment with Dr. Len.

Set up a consultation for:
  • Diet & Weight Loss
  • Exercise & Fitness Training
  • Natural/Holistic Medicine
  • Second Opinions on Medical Conditions
  • Chiropractic Care
     Dr. Len provides both 30 minute and one-hour long nutrition, conditioning, or chiropractic consultations for those looking for a natural approach to their well being and for those who are looking for a second opinion.


30 min. Consultations for Loyalty Programs: $75 | Guests: $89
Hour Long Consultations for Loyalty Programs: $150 | Guests: $199

For more information about personal health and wellness,

visit Dr. Len’s Blog. Or, visit his Youtube Channel.

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