What is Stretch Therapy?

You stretch when you wake up. Maybe you stretch before and after a workout. You know it feels good and movement may be less painful afterwards. Assisted stretching uses specific techniques to improve mobility and flexibility of individual muscles and groups of muscles. It can help to restore full range of motion to joints or to ease chronic pain as your body re-learns how to move without discomfort.

Why Stretch Therapy?

Therapist assisted stretching can have a variety of benefits, both short and long-term. As simple as it seems, most of us don’t stretch our muscles often enough or effectively enough to see the maximum results. Your muscles support and move your entire body. Keeping them in their best working order provides benefits for your entire body as well as your mind – as stretching releases tension and can aid relaxation. Some of the most common benefits are:

  • Better Flexibility & Range of Motion
  • Better Circulation
  • Less Joint Strain
  • Better Posture
  • Less Pain
stretch therapy

Your therapist will discuss your specific goals, problem areas, and medical history before beginning any stretching. As with all of our services, we customize the experience for your needs. Some stretches are passive (the therapist will manipulate the muscle) and some are active (you will move your body in such a way as to stretch the muscle).

Generally speaking, there is little to no pain involved with assisted stretching. The most common sensation is pulling or tension as pressure is applied. You will communicate with your therapist throughout the session and should let them know if you’re experiencing discomfort.

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