NormaTec is a dynamic air compression therapy that helps you recover from muscle soreness and increases blood flow. The dynamic compression mimics the muscle pump of the legs or arms, which moves fluids out of those limbs after a workout, while driving oxygenated blood to the area. NormaTec’s patented technology employs a Pulse massage pattern that helps relieve muscle aches and increases circulation. This results in increased flexibility, range of motion, injury prevention, and quicker recovery.

How it Works

As a leader in rapid recovery, NormaTec gives a competitive edge to athletes, coaches, and trainers alike. Recovery is an integral part of every athlete’s training, which makes NormaTec systems a must. The systems use a control unit and attachments that go on your legs or arms. Each segment of the attachment compresses in a pulsing manner as each part of the attachment works its way up the limb.

15 min. Session:
$20 | Membership $15

30 min. Session:
$30 |Membership $20

5 Sessions (30 min. each):
$125 | Membership $85

NormaTec Compression Therapy
NormaTec Compression Therapy

NormaTEC Compression Therapy Risks and Benefits:

NormaTec systems have the same risks and benefits as a massage. You will be able to reduce the intensity or stop the session at any time if the pressure becomes uncomfortable. Similarly, its benefits include the temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains. Also, there is a temporary increase in circulation in the area being treated.