3 Reasons You Should Get Keravive Hydra Scalp Treatment

Did you know that approximately 50 million Americans suffer from dandruff, a condition commonly caused by a dry scalp? This group uses up to $300 million annually for treatment by purchasing over-the-counter products. It can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable when you develop a dry and flaking scalp because of irritation. But it is irritating when you purchase the wrong medication as you try to address your scalp problem. 

Fortunately, getting the three-step Keravive treatment when you experience a dry scalp with thinning or damaged hair can be a one-time solution. Keravive treatment uses the same principle as the HydraFacial treatment to exfoliate, cleanse, and hydrate your scalp for fuller and healthier hair and scalp. This treatment also addresses thinned and unhealthy hair, itching, and oily scalp. Here are the top three reasons why you should get the Keravive treatment.


3 Reasons You Should Get Keravive Hydra Scalp Treatment

Improves Your Scalp Health

An itching or dry scalp causes discomfort and affects the health of your hair. Remember, various scalp conditions like dermatitis could cause itchiness and flakiness. Sometimes, it may be due to accumulated dirt and grime on the scalp that causes blockages of the hair follicles and thinning of the hair.

When cleansing using the Keravive treatment, you remove the impurities resulting in a cleaner scalp that boosts your hair volume growth.

 Deals With Dry and Flaking Scalp

A dry, flaking scalp because of dirt buildup in the hair or scalp or a medical condition affects your hair volume and health. HydraFacial treatment helps you cleanse the scalp and hair layer by layer to eliminate the debris from previous hair treatments, oil, or dirt, leaving the scalp free and clean and boosting the growth of hair follicles.  

The treatment reduces dead skin accumulation on the scalp to improve air circulation within the hair and scalp. This move helps to improve scalp hydration, thus protecting it from dryness or itchiness. It reduces the formation and accumulation of dandruff on the scalp.

 Enhances Hair Growth by Combining with Other Hair Treatments

Through Keravive scalp treatment, you prepare the scalp to receive other hair treatments with increased efficiency. It cleans and rejuvenates your scalp eliminating dirt and other scalp issues that hinder the effectiveness of specific hair treatments.

 Using Keravive Hydra Scalp

Keravive hydra scalp treatment works on all skin and hair types. So, walk into Massage Bliss & Cryo to get this treatment and enjoy these hair benefits. Contact us today to reserve an appointment or ask any questions. You’ll enjoy your hair’s health and appearance once from the first step of treatment until you complete the process.

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