Ice, Ice, Baby: Use Ice Therapy for Your Best Recovery

Surgery takes a toll on your body. You’ll often need weeks or longer to recover. Ice therapy can help. This isn’t as simple as applying a cold pack or bag of frozen peas to the spot, either. Ice therapy offered by Massage Bliss and Cryo is the better option. Use their portable ice machine and experience the best recovery possible.

Ice, Ice, Baby: Use Ice Therapy for Your Best Recovery

Industrial Strength Compressive Cold Therapy

Cold therapy has long been proclaimed as a method for quick recovery when it comes to healing. It can decrease your swelling and ease some of the discomfort you’re feeling in the area. An industrial strength option is going to, of course, be stronger than any type of ice pack or method you can apply at home. The industrial strength compressive cold therapy Massage Bliss and Cryo uses involves the Kineticold Ice Machine. Orthopedic surgeons designed it to help patients at home. The portable machine circulates ice water while simultaneously applying pressure. Various cycle lengths and adjustable compression ensure every individual can get the precise care they need.

Rental and Purchase

You have two options for this machine. You can either rent it from the facility, or purchase one to keep for future use. A rental requires a 3-day minimum for use. This is actually ideal because your body will most likely need a few days to get accustomed to the therapy and see adequate results.

Tips to Make Ice Therapy Work for You

Ice therapy won’t work if you aren’t following the proper procedures. Listen to the spa specialist when you’re instructed on how to use it and for how long. Some injuries may require longer sessions while others need a shorter timeframe. You need to follow the instructions carefully so you can make the most of the machine without overdoing it.

Sometimes, you need extra help with your recovery process. Renting an ice therapy machine may work wonders towards getting you healed and back on your feet. Contact Massage Bliss and Cryo today to discuss your need for the Kineticold. Your body will thank you.

4 Things That Your Massage Therapist Can Help You With

While it is well known that a massage therapist can help you to relax when you attend a spa, there is so much more that they can help with! If you aren’t yet ready to start Googling “massage near me” then read on for four things — besides relaxation — that your massage therapist can do for you.

4 Things That Your Massage Therapist Can Help You With

1. Correct Desk Posture

Most individuals sit at a desk to work — and often in a poor posture — which puts pressure on your shoulders and neck while causing a curvature in the spine. This postural stress can also cause pain and weakness lower down the back and into the glutes, especially if you have been sitting for long periods of time.

2. Ease Muscle Soreness After a Workout

A massage therapist can help improve circulation to sore muscle areas, which then helps to remove the lactic acid or other harmful toxins from that muscle. Therefore, your massage therapist can also help to reduce the effects of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and get you ready for your next activity.

3. Improve Your Mental Health

Firstly, a human touch can work wonders for your mind. In this safe, friendly, and professional environment, it can be relaxing and reassuring. Studies have shown that those who receive regular massage therapy reported being less depressed and angry, as well as more relaxed. In a study of depressed and anxious children and adolescents, massage helped them feel happier and less stressed.

4. Relieving headaches

Massage therapy has been shown to decrease the frequency and severity of tension headaches. This may be partially due to the increased blood flow that then goes to your brain and head, releasing any harmful toxins from the affected area. The massages given by our therapists also help to relieve and reduce stress, making you calmer and therefore less likely to continue experiencing that headache.

So, go and book your appointment with a therapist at Massage Bliss & Cryo!

Why Finding a Nutritionist is The Perfect Way to Destress

Whether striving to find that perfect carbs-to-vegetable ratio, working with a dietary restriction, or aiming to learn more about holistic, healthy eating habits, finding a nutritionist might just be the best way to heal after a challenging year. Food choices play an important role in shaping not only our bodies and what they can do for us, but our ability to handle and fight powerful stress levels. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, now is the perfect time to build a positive, expert-approved relationship with food that makes stress a thing of the past.

Why Finding a Nutritionist is The Perfect Way to Destress

How Are Food and Stress Linked?

The food we put in our bodies has the power to fight, exacerbate, or balance stress. It’s all about choice—A study at UCLA states that the effects of healthy nutritional decisions can lead to a stronger immune system, more stable moods, and lower blood pressure. Foods such as almonds, oranges, kale, and whole grain breads are known to reduce stress levels, but the question is, how do we find a balance that suits our unique needs? While you may be tempted to try to tackle healthy eating all on your own, nutritionists will consider the scientific breakdown of the foods you eat and how they target stress and anxiety reduction. By choosing to work with a nutritionist, you can create a detailed meal plan that considers your allergies, intolerances, physical activity levels, health concerns, daily routines, likes, dislikes, and goals. Partnering up with a nutritionist will also limit the often-overpowering anxiety of deciding what or what not to eat today—the last thing we want to worry about during a global pandemic. Click here to book an appointment with a holistic nutritionist or contact us for more information.

Why Now?

With the threat of COVID-19 hanging over us, food can sometimes become an added stressor to our lives. Where should we get it? What should we buy? Will we have enough? What should we eat to stay strong and resilient to prevent the spread of infection? A nutritionist is able to restore the role of food as a stabilizer, offering options that are catered to your individual needs and goals while providing a solid plan to combat the effects of COVID-19 with high-quality, individualized food choices. Your choices can restore your own balance.

For more information on nutrition or other quality health and wellness services, check out Massage Bliss & Cryo.

Three Beneficial LED Light Therapy Treatments

There are a lot of great types of therapy out there that can help improve your physical appearance and help you feel better overall. These therapies are becoming more and more effective, thanks to growing research and advanced technology. One such type of therapy is LED light therapy. This type of therapy incorporates the use of LED lights and can help with circulation, tissue repair, and skin circulation. Here are three beneficial LED light therapy treatments to consider.

Three Beneficial LED Light Therapy Treatments

Anti-Aging Treatment 

One awesome LED light therapy treatment to consider is the anti-aging treatment. This type of treatment helps to improve your skin by using LED lights to boost your circulation, which in turn helps to increase the production of fibroblast cells in your skin. These cells then increase the amounts of collagen and elastin in your skin. This helps to give your skin a more youthful appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Acne Treatment 

Another beneficial treatment that LED light therapy provides is acne treatment. LED light therapy works to reduce the acne causing bacteria by killing the bacteria with a blue LED light. The great thing about this type of treatment is that it can go into deeper layers of the skin to kill the bacteria before it ever reaches the surface. This differs from a lot of the other treatments that are only surface level. It can also help to reduce inflammation that is caused by acne.

Wound Healing 

LED light therapy works to heal wounds more quickly because it stimulates your body’s response to heal and accelerates tissue repair. This is true for both superficial and deep wounds. Healing quicker means that you have less pain to deal with, which is a welcome relief.

To learn about more LED light treatments and their amazing benefits, or to schedule an appointment for treatment today, visit us at Massage Bliss & Cryo.