Chiropractic Care & Low Back Pain

Low back pain can be extremely painful and frustrating. Whether you experience back pain for several weeks per year, or reoccurring every few months throughout the year, low back pain often interferes with both the quality and functioning of daily life. There are many medical and at-home treatments to choose from with lower back pain, and chiropractic care is a widely used and recognized alternative form of treatment for back pain.

Chiropractic Care & Low Back Pain

Reduced Pain

Many studies have shown that chiropractic care reduces lower back pain. Harvard Health sites a recent 2018 that confirms reduced lower back pain, as well as reduced use of pain medication, for people who have chiropractic care.

About 22 million Americans seek a chiropractor for back pain, which is recognized as both safe and effective as an alternative form of treatment.

Increased Healing

Chiropractic care involves spinal manipulation that restores the spine’s proper alignment, joint mobility, and overall functioning. Professional chiropractic practitioners also use a holistic approach to care, while taking into consideration medical history, prior treatments, and the source or cause of the lower back pain.

Low back pain may last up to six weeks at a time after it starts, which can feel like much longer. Chiropractic speeds-up the natural healing time frame, so you spend less time “out with your back.” In addition, because the intensity of lower back pain is reduced through chiropractic work, the spine has an opportunity to rest, making at-home and self-care treatments such as stretching far more effective and healing over time.

The spine connects to the entire body, including the nervous system and mental health, and it demonstrates your overall health and well-being. Many people find that seeing a professional chiropractor also reduces pain and increases healing for other physical issues, as well as improves their state of mind and holistic well-being.

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Congratulations to Dena Stovall and Travis Merrit!

Congratulations to Dena Stovall and Travis Merrit. They just completed an unofficial world record and did a 5k with just lunges. This took a little over 4 hours and countless hours of preparation.

Cryoskin Can Make Your Skin Look Smoother and Younger

Do you consistently eat healthy, work out and use costly skin care products but still don’t have toned and sculpted skin? If so, consider the benefits of Cryoskin as this skincare technology treatment is highly effective in removing cellulite and excess fat cells, resulting in younger-looking skin. Here’s what you need to know about Cryoskin and how it can enhance your skin and appearance.

Cryoskin Can Make Your Skin Look Smoother and Younger


Basically, Cryoskin is a skin treatment designed for slimming and toning sagging skin or fat. This non-invasive, painless treatment uses sub-freezing temperatures to make skin look more youthful and attractive. There are no cups or suctions, and the treatment is exceptionally gentle. Moreover, during the entire process, you’re constantly supervised by a beauty therapist. A typical session runs from 20 to 30 minutes.


You may be wondering how freezing and destroying fat cells can lead to more toned and sculpted skin. By running a Cryoskin rod over targeted spots, your fat cells begin to freeze and die from the cold temperature of the nitrogen vapor that is blown on your skin. Once the treatment is done, your body starts detecting those dead cells and removing them through your urine waste.


Sometimes Cryoskin is considered to be the same thing as CoolSculpting, but they’re not the same. Their main difference is that while Cryoskin uses a handheld instrument that a technician massages on a treated area, CoolSculpting entails using panels that do not move. Another difference is that you can see instant results, while CoolSculpting can take as long as 12 weeks to notice results. 


The cool temperatures of a Cryoskin facial treatment enlarge your blood vessels, which increases blood flow. This results in increased oxygen for producing more collagen, so you have fewer wrinkles and pores, besides better skin elasticity. In other words, this facial can give you a more youthful, radiant look.


There are two ways to use Cryoskin: Cryo Toning and CryoSlimming. Both are done using the same machine. They just involve different modalities and specifics.

  • Cryo Toning is used for boosting collagen production and circulation and is an ideal way for improving how cellulite looks. The treatment begins by the cold temperature opening blood vessels to increase oxygen supply, which makes skin smoother.
  • CryoSlimming is designed for destroying fat cells. Almost any part of your body can be treated, except for the face or breasts. After warming your skin, your technician massages the targeted area before applying cooler temperatures. 


The before and after photos of people who have had just one treatment show the amazing results of fat loss and more toned, attractive and fresher skin. Are you looking for a Cryoskin or Cryo facial treatment in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area? To learn more about the many benefits of Cryoskin and book an appointment, contact us. Our high-tech therapeutic center offers a wide range of services for all your therapeutic needs.



What Do You Get From a Day at the Spa?

One of our most popular spa packages is the Day at the Spa combination. Spend a blissful three-and-a-half hours being pampered, treated, and renewed. The Day at the Spa includes the following elements:

What Do You Get From a Day at the Spa?

15 Minutes of NormaTec

Compress away your aches and pains with 15 minutes in the NormaTec chair. This form of compression therapy is used by athletes to help them recover faster. The attachments on the system can go on your legs, arms, and hips. Working in segments, it compresses your body through pulses.

Cryotherapy Session

Enjoy a session of cryotherapy, which is also used by athletes to help them recover from injury. The therapy treatment works well on muscle and joint pain, reduces swelling, and boosts metabolism. You may even notice an improvement in skin tone. What happens? Your skin is enveloped in hyper-cool air for three minutes inside the cryo-chamber. The entire session takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

80 Minutes of our Signature Bliss Massage

Using hot stones or a Thai Herbal Ball upgrade, our trained therapist relieves muscle tension, reduces stress, and helps your entire body relax. Massage therapy benefits so many aspects of yourself, including your state of mind, your level of pain, and your blood pressure. A day at the spa would not be complete without this effective, beneficial, blissful massage!

Complimentary Aromatherapy

As you enjoy your day at the spa, we will relax and entice you with aromatherapy. Unique scents with the ability to soothe your senses fill the atmosphere during your stay.

Seaweed Hydrating Body Wrap

Our body wrap tones your skin and helps you detox your system. It also feels fabulous! Exfoliate, wrap, hydrate, smooth, and relax.

Custom Facial with Microdermabrasion

Address your specific skin issues with our custom facial. Everyone has a different face, which means your facial should include products and techniques that are personalized. You’ll also get a microdermabrasion treatment, which means our therapist will gently sand your skin to rejuvenate it and even out your skin layers. A custom facial helps you look your best, so you can leave your day at the spa sporting a healthy glow.

Light Snack

We feed your body, soul, and stomach. A light, healthy snack ensures your day at the spa isn’t marred by hunger.

Want to treat yourself or a friend to a Day at the Spa? Contact us for more information or to reserve your appointment.