How To Give Yourself A Facial

Between your spa appointments, it’s important to keep up a good skincare routine. Giving yourself a complete facial at least once a week will ensure the same benefits that you receive in the treatment room. Those benefits include reaching your skincare goals and relaxation. Here are a few tips on how you can give yourself a facial in the comfort of your own home. You’ll also learn about the products that you will be using.

How To Give Yourself A Facial

Cleanse. The majority of people will quickly wash their face and call it a day, but cleansing is much more than that. A good cleanser is going to remove makeup, dirt, and residue from your skin, leaving it clean (as the name implies) and ready for the rest of the facial. If you really want to treat yourself, do a double-cleanse. Professionals use the double-cleanse method not only as a way to remove impurities, but certain cleansers aid in the treatment goals.

Exfoliate. Exfoliation strips you of the dead skin cells that lie on the surface. As a result, it gives you a smooth base that helps the rest of your products do their job. There are two types of exfoliation:

Mechanical: This is the most common method of exfoliation. The product itself will have tiny beads that scrub against your skin to remove the dead cells.

Physical/Chemical: These are mostly used in professional settings, but treatments such as these go past the surface. Chemical peels are the most popular form of chemical exfoliants.

Mask/Treatment. The mask/treatment is where the majority of your skincare benefits come from; anything from hydration to reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Use this time to allow the ingredients to sink in for the amount of time the packaging suggests; most will say around ten to fifteen minutes. Deep treatments will run anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on your goals.

Moisturizer/Serums. To finish your facial off, choose your favorite moisturizer. It seals (again, as the name implies) in the moisture of your skin and leaves it feeling soft and plump. To amp up the benefits, mix in a serum.

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