Jon Fleitman


Jon Fleitman and his wife, Sasa Fleitman, opened Massage Bliss & Cryo over 3 years ago. They had the idea to blend their cultures to be able to give their customers the five-star service and styles of Southeast Asia with small-town Texas hospitality. So that all of their guests can feel comfortable in style.

Abby S.

Spa Coordinator

Abby has been working at Massage Bliss & Cryo since its opening. She has a professional background working as a Spa coordinator over 5 years and 9 years of experience in customer service. During her day-to-day operations, she enjoys having the opportunity to help customers who are in pain and assisting them in the healing…

Dr. Len Lopez

Health and Fitness Coach

Dr. Lopez has been working at Massage Bliss & Cryo for a year and has been working as a fitness coach for over 20 years. He received his doctorate at Parker University and is also a Chiropractor Sports Physician, entrepreneur, and an established author. Dr. Lopez can assist his patients with many things including, providing…

Charlotte, RN

Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner

Charlotte has been an experienced Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse for over 22 years. She specializes in facial assessment and aesthetic correction with dermal fillers and Botox products. Charlotte has over 4 years of experience doing aesthetic correction. She has found a great love for helping clients achieve a more youthful appearance…