Erika O.

Position: Licensed Massage Therapist

Erika has been in the health and fitness industry for the most part of her life with licenses and experiences from her native South America and the USA. What she loves about working at Massage Bliss is the fact that we are a big family focused on delivering care, relief, and helping our clients. Erika seeks to make a difference “one body at a time”  and to offer the most benefit for each and every client. For her, as a body worker, it’s not just a body. It’s our only and most amazing human machine in which requires maintenance, love, and a trained and caring therapist to ensure it’s at its best. Erika has a background with plastic surgeons, nutritionists and fitness massages. Some of her specialties are: lymphatic for pre/post ops, helping after an injury or a “mommy tuck,” sports, as well as prenatal, cupping, stress relief, after-cancer scar removal tissue improvement, etc. She is available mostly weekends but she does special trips on weekdays when requested. She loves to share her personal wellness best go-to tricks because she believes that holistic and organic approaches are best for our organic beings.