Brow Tinting v. Microblading: Why we recommend tinting first! 

The trend towards fuller, au naturel brows isn’t fading anytime soon, and for those of us with more modest brows, the struggle to reverse past plucking experiments gone wrong or cultivate a bushier brow can be frustrating. Luckily, the trend towards bold brows has brought with it brow solutions that can take any set from faint to full. Two of the most popular options these days are microblading and brow tinting, but it can be confusing to understand the difference between the two, and which might be the best option for you. Below, we weigh the pros and cons and explain why we recommend brow tinting to most brow beginners.

Brow Tinting v. Microblading: Why we recommend tinting first! 

What is microblading?

People often ask us about the difference between microblading and brow tinting. While both are temporary, microblading is a semi-permanent, tattoo procedure. It involves taking a fine needle and inserting pigment in hair-like strokes to fill out the brow line. Microblading procedures can last around 2 years, with fade occurring around 6-12 months, so you can either let it fade or go in for regular touch ups to keep your brows looking full and fresh.

What is brow tinting?

Both microblading and brow tinting involve adding pigment to your brows, however, brow tinting only tints your hair, rather than also adding pigment to your skin using a tattoo method. Some tint services will also add tint to the skin of the brow line, however, this tint is temporary and will usually fade after a few days. Tinting usually begins to fade within 4-6 weeks.

Brow tinting v. Microblading

Knowing which technique to choose depends on what you’re looking for. Microblading lasts longer, consists of realistic hair like strokes, and requires less frequent appointments for ongoing upkeep. However, this also means that it takes longer to fade and is more difficult to transition away from if you dislike the effects. And while typically safe, it is an invasive procedure, meaning there is a brief recovery period that may consist of irritation, redness, and skin peeling.

Brow tinting, on the other hand, is non-invasive–meaning no recover time–and allows you to dip your toes in without fully committing, and fades more quickly if you don’t like the effect. It’s also typically less expensive and each appointment takes less time.

If you’re looking to finally take a step towards the full brows of your dreams, brow tinting is a great way to start, especially if you’re a newcomer to the world of brow beauty. At Massage Bliss and Cryo, you can book a 25-minute brow tinting appointment or add brow tinting to any facial.

Longing for fuller brows but still unsure about tinting? We’re happy to answer any questions. You can also read our customer testimonials here.

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