The Miraculous Benefits of Ice Therapy

If you have not experienced the soothing powers of Ice Therapy, this method is spectacular for your well-being and any swelling of the body. Ice is good at healing, which puts you at ease. Read on to learn about Cold Therapy and the advantages or side effects one can obtain when being treated.

The Miraculous Benefits of Ice Therapy

What is Cold Therapy?

Cold Therapy, also known as Cryotherapy, involves being immersed in chilly water to reduce inflamed areas. Managing bumps and other minor injuries is possible with exposure to the ice for a half-hour each day.  

Results of Cryotherapy

Alleviating pain is quite significant for going about the daily routine. Cryotherapy is also peaceful—you get adjusted to the temperature as time passes. Blood flow is reduced considerably during an ice session. The most common miracles of using Cryotherapy are:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Improved mental state
  • Switch to a positive mood
  • Better tolerance of pain
  • Eliminating any redness or irritation

Ice therapy is great for healing the mind, body, and spirit. Patients should turn to this opportunity if they suffer from any of these issues. Rejuvenation is imminent once exposed to long periods of Cryo. 

Additional Information on Cryotherapy

Transforming your health is important to us at Massage Bliss & Cryo. Attending a spa at regular intervals will help, even with the choice of ice to heal. However, please take note of the unpleasant moments one can have. Tingling could start with lots of exposure. Never stay in an iced environment for prolonged intervals; the average icing session is about four minutes. When using an ice pack at home, place the ice in a towel and keep it on for twenty minutes. Avoid any numbness or damage to the skin. If you have a nerve condition, make sure to dodge cryotherapy–further nerve complications could ensue. 

Contact us at Massage Bliss for your Cryotherapy treatment plan today. We will help you remain healthy in all forms. 

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