Why Finding a Nutritionist is The Perfect Way to Destress

Whether striving to find that perfect carbs-to-vegetable ratio, working with a dietary restriction, or aiming to learn more about holistic, healthy eating habits, finding a nutritionist might just be the best way to heal after a challenging year. Food choices play an important role in shaping not only our bodies and what they can do for us, but our ability to handle and fight powerful stress levels. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, now is the perfect time to build a positive, expert-approved relationship with food that makes stress a thing of the past.

Why Finding a Nutritionist is The Perfect Way to Destress

How Are Food and Stress Linked?

The food we put in our bodies has the power to fight, exacerbate, or balance stress. It’s all about choice—A study at UCLA states that the effects of healthy nutritional decisions can lead to a stronger immune system, more stable moods, and lower blood pressure. Foods such as almonds, oranges, kale, and whole grain breads are known to reduce stress levels, but the question is, how do we find a balance that suits our unique needs? While you may be tempted to try to tackle healthy eating all on your own, nutritionists will consider the scientific breakdown of the foods you eat and how they target stress and anxiety reduction. By choosing to work with a nutritionist, you can create a detailed meal plan that considers your allergies, intolerances, physical activity levels, health concerns, daily routines, likes, dislikes, and goals. Partnering up with a nutritionist will also limit the often-overpowering anxiety of deciding what or what not to eat today—the last thing we want to worry about during a global pandemic. Click here to book an appointment with a holistic nutritionist or contact us for more information.

Why Now?

With the threat of COVID-19 hanging over us, food can sometimes become an added stressor to our lives. Where should we get it? What should we buy? Will we have enough? What should we eat to stay strong and resilient to prevent the spread of infection? A nutritionist is able to restore the role of food as a stabilizer, offering options that are catered to your individual needs and goals while providing a solid plan to combat the effects of COVID-19 with high-quality, individualized food choices. Your choices can restore your own balance.

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