3 Awesome Uses For RockTape In Therapy

If you are looking for a great type of therapy for injuries, then you should definitely consider using RockTape. Here are three awesome use for RockTape in therapy.

3 Awesome Uses For RockTape In Therapy

Redirect Pain 

When you get an injury, the immediate reaction you have is to rub it. This helps to redistribute the pain from that area and sends different signals to the pain receptors. RockTape provides a similar reaction when it is applied to your skin. It helps to redistribute the pain and therefore reduce the feeling of pain in the area that is injured. This decreases your overall volume of pain, which can make recovery much more pleasant for you.

Helps With Inflammation

Another use for RockTape is to help reduce the inflammation on and around an injury. The RockTape helps to reduce inflammation by creating a lifting effect both on the surface and underneath the skin. This reduces the pressure that swelling causes and also helps the swelling itself to go away much faster.

Normalize Muscle Tone 

The RockTape also does an excellent job of helping to normalize the muscle tone of an injured area. When an area is injured, the surrounding muscles will generally step up and sometimes even takeover to help replace the weakened muscle. The RockTape helps to engage the injured muscle, so that muscle tone can once again normalize. This helps to improve healing and speed up the process.

Reduce Muscle Fatigue

Lastly, RockTape is great for reducing muscle fatigue. This occurs because the muscles under the tape are engaged and the surrounding muscles don’t become overworked. This creates more of a balance amongst your muscles, so that fatigue doesn’t occur to the injured muscle, or to any of the muscles that are acting as synergists.

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