Getting Past the Angst of Your First Massage

After hearing about the tremendous benefits of massage, you may be interested in getting one for yourself.   After all, the world is not getting any calmer and our lives are not getting less complicated.  Experts say that massage is just the thing to help you manage the stress and tension of your life.  You know that if you could just find one effective means of relaxation, every aspect of your life would be better. But that negative voice that lives in your head suddenly reminds you that your body and skin are anything but perfect. The idea of getting naked in front of a stranger and having that same stranger touch you, leaves you feeling anything but relaxed. Before you drop the idea completely, consider the phenomenal benefits of massage: 

Getting Past the Angst of Your First Massage
  • It reduces stress and increases relaxation.
  • It reduces body aches and pains.
  • It improves circulation.
  • It reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, and boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine, your feel-good hormones.

The massage therapist’s job is to leave you relaxed, calm, and centered.   Let the therapist know if this is your first time getting a massage and that you are nervous. Take the time to communicate anything about the procedure that makes you uncomfortable. You will be asked to undress at a level that is comfortable for you.   A full sheet will be draped over you and the only part of your body that is exposed is the part that is being massaged. 

It is unnecessary to be overly conscientious of your body.  The therapist’s job is to help you reach a level of well-being.  It is not to judge your perceived imperfections. If you still have some anxiety about the session, consider booking a shorter session for your first time.

If you are ready to take the next step to self-care and well-being, contact us at Massage Bliss today!

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